Virtual support has become more needed and common in the past year. Although it felt strange when I started offering this service at the beginning of the pandemic, it gradually became clear that it has several advantages: for example, I can support you even if we live in different places; we chat from the comfort of our homes; I can be ‘with you’ even if I cannot physically accompany you.

So, what is virtual doula support?

My virtual support package includes 2 prenatal video meetings, support for designing your birth plan, ongoing chat support (you can text me all your questions and concerns and I will write back as soon as I can). During the birth, I will support you for up to 12 hours. We will meet again for one more meeting, this time up to 14 days postpartum, and I will keep supporting you through messaging for 5 days after this meeting.

You usually choose your doula and meet her before the birth once or twice. With virtual support, these meetings are virtual – phone, skype, messengr, viber. We will meet twice, each meeting lasting for 1 hour. During these meetings we will discuss birthing options, I will help you work on your birth plans, we will go over any fears and concerns you may have. We will talk about birth preparation: physical, emotional, informational. Examples of topics are birth stages, pain relief options, first hours and days in the hospital…

In my experience, after we have met once or twice, women and their partners often have additional questions, because some of the topics we discuss have been quite new to them. This is why I decided to offer ongoing communication through messaging. I will answer your questions as best as I can, and hopefully help you prepare for a satisfying birth experience.

When the birth begins, I will be available in the platform we have selected. I will provide emotional support, I will give you information and offer ideas as needed. If necessary, I will explain what normally happens during birth and what to expect. I will be available for up to 12 hours during the birth if you need me.

After the birth, we will have one more virtual meetings for about an hours. At this meeting I can support you for breastfeeding, we could dicuss how the birth went, we can talk about what the next few weeks and months will look like, or anything else you need to discuss.

After this meetings, you can still message me with questions for five more days, because usually a follow up is necessary.

The price of the Virtual doula package is 190 BGN. Before we start our work together, I will ask you to fill in a short questionnaire and we will sign a contract. Payment is due upon signing the contract.

If you need additional support, this can be arranged at an hourly price. If you need more than a few additional hours, please ask for a package price.

You can read more about the scope of doula practice here.

Please contact me here or call 0885 210 764.