Need support for pregnancy, birth and postpartum period? You are in the right place!

I am Yoanna. I am a Childbirth International-certified doula and a childbirth educator. I am a mother of four children, two of them born VBA2C.

I help women and their partners prepare with information and practical skills, so they can make informed choices and have a positive birth experience and confident early parenthood.

I am a mother of four children, two of them born VBA2C.

I have been actively supporting pregnant women, mothers and their families since 2009. At first I was a breastfeeding peer counselor, then a La Leche League Leader. In 2014 I had an amazing, healing vaginal birth after two Cesareans (birth story in Bulgarian). This motivated me to become a birth activist starting 2015, hoping to help more women have a natural, active, satisfying birth.

I am inspired by the opportunities my work gives me to help women experience the joy of birth. I believe that even if things are not exactly as we expected, the support of a trained professional that we trust – for example a doula – can significantly change the way we feel.

For more information, you can contact me, join my Varna Birth Support for Expats group, or join the monthly meetings I organize in Varna online and offline (they are announced in the group too). If you like or follow my Facebook page, my guess is you will also find useful information there.

This is the birth story of a woman I supported (in English).

The journey of baby Joana to this world

Here are some more stories. These are in Bulgarian, hopefully someone can translate them for you:

Раждане без страх

И сега какво да те правя?!

Как родих със сестра си


My certifying organization

Childbirth International has trainers from Canada, the USA, GB and other countries. It was established in 1998 and is one of the largest and most reputable doula training organizations in the world.

You can contact me:

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