Women need support no only before and during, but definitely after the birth. A doula can be part of your circle of support.

In the early postpartum period, she can give you a lot of information, emotional support and practical help with feeding and recovery.

Postpartum support

Here are some examples of how I can help you during the postpartum period:

  • We can go over your birth experience.
  • I can provide information and help you with any breastfeeding issues: for example, dealing with engorgement, establishing a good milk supply, proper latch on and positioning.
  • We can talk about how bottle-feeding is going.
  • Normal baby poop often comes up 🙂
  • So does safe sleep. And your sleep.
  • I can share some cloth diapering ideas
  • We can discuss what postpartum physical recovery usually looks like
  • and brainstorm easy meals.
  • I can make suggestions and referrals to various specialists if necessary.
  • I can hold the baby while you shower or eat a meal with both hands if you like

The postpartum visit

A postpartum visit usually lasts up to 2 hours. After this visit, we will stay in touch over phone or Messenger for ten days to keep working on any issues you may be facing. The price of a single visit is 80 BGN. A package of three such postpartum visits is 190 BGN and includes follow up support for 14 days after our last meeting.

If you need more hours, or would like to schedule regular visits, please contact me for an individual package. You may call me at 0885 210 764, message me here or send an e-mail to yrachovska@yahoo.com.

One postpartum visit is included in all my doula support packages. If you are already my doula client, I will contact you once or twice twice after the birth to make sure you are adjusting well and to answer any questions you may have. We will arrange to meet for an hour (in person or online) and talk about any needs you may have.

Please have in mind that…

I certainly do not want to add unnecessary stress to you life. So please do not vacuum, do the dishes or tidy up before I arrive. Make sure you use all opportunities you have to rest and sleep. I really do not care about when you last washed your hair… What is important to me is that you are adapting to (new) motherhood and are bonding with your baby.

I love it when I show up and find mother and baby cuddling on the couch, sofa, or bed, in their most comfortable clothes, with mom’s favorite drink or snack nearby 🙂

Postpartum support is important!

In Bulgaria, you after an uncomplicated birth, you only see your doctor once, a few weeks after being released from the hospital. But in reality you are quite likely to need much more support.

During this time, you are establishing feeding and bonding with the new baby. You may also expect to be running on a roller coaster of emotions. Body changes may confuse you; sleep deprivation is also no joke. You have to take care of your own nutrition needs, your psychological well-being, and organize all the usual daily tasks that need taking care of.

Knowing that you are not alone and having the support of a postpartum doula can provide a lot of relief and reduce the stress of this period.

See you soon!